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Top Reddit Posts

Top Reddit Posts

Reddit is one of my favorite places to find raw, authentic information about digital nomad life.

Below is a collection of top posts I would recommend you read and why.

Trip Planning

Find cheap flights

What’s your go-to secret to finding cheap flights?

Ton of hidden secrets to help you find cheap flights.

Cheap flight websites

Various comments regarding some of the best tools & services to find cheap flights.

Digital Nomad Quick Start Guide

Guide that answers a lot of questions that apply to most. Doesn't hit topics that are most likely specific to the person (ex. what city should I live in)

Which website do you use to book flights currently?

Answers range from tools like Kayak, Google Flights, Skyscanner as well as details like search using a tool but book directly via an airline.

Find cheap housing

Hotel discount tip

User sharing recommended tips regarding searching via Tripadvisor and snagging the Agoda deal.

Saving money on hotels

Use Trivago/Expedia to search, but not book.

{How to} Negotiate Cheaper Airbnb Stays: How many of you negotiate the $ and how do you do it?

Discussion on negotiating cheaper Airbnb stays, exploring off-platform and on-platform options, their risks, and effectiveness.

Navigating healthcare


Best Jobs for Nomads

What are the holy grail jobs for digital nomads, and what’s the best way to learn the necessary skills?

Identifying ideal digital nomad jobs that offer remote work, flexible hours, minimal client interaction, high demand, good pay, and project-based flexibility, with a focus on how to learn these skills.

What work do you do as a digital nomad?

Folks discussing various jobs they do for work.

What are some digital nomad jobs that don’t involve coding?

Check out the top comment in this one. Incredible answer to this question including boards to find and dozens of links to related posts about what folks do for work and discussions about specific job categories.