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During my time as a digital nomad, I haven't had to think much about work. I work remotely and on my own hours for my friend Ethan (opens in a new tab).

What jobs are best for nomads?

However if I did, this is what I would consider.

Imagine these 4 boxes where your job can be:

  • Location bound vs. location independent
  • Employee vs. entrepreneur
job quadrant for digital nomads

In order to be a digital nomad, you have to work on the right column - location independent.

Most can get jobs in either of those 2 boxes and live as a digital nomad. This is assuming your employer allows you to work remote and from wherever.

The reality is though, the bottom right box, Location-Independent + Entrepreneur is probably what most people think of and desire when we're talking about becoming a digital nomad.

Ali Abdaal has a great video (opens in a new tab) talking about these 4 quadrants. He specifically goes into some example paths to making money in quadrant 4.

Where can I find those jobs?

r/digitalnomad (opens in a new tab) has a list of remote freelance job boards. They include the following:

Personally, my recommendation is to find work first, then digital nomad. That's how I did it.

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